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Allie, Richard Omar G Co 32nd Inf. 2/1/53 MIA Polk County
Anderson, Duane Ward C Co 7th Cav. 11/6/51 MIA Pottawattamie County
Austin, Wayne Donald A Co 38th Inf. 2/12/51 POW Poweshiek County
Beek, Eldert John HQ Co 1/32nd Inf. 12/1/50 KIA Osceola County
Beelman, Thomas Lee L Co 31st Inf. 12/12/50 MIA Lee County
Billick, Joseph C

B Co 38th Inf



Linn County
Bloodsworth, Clarence B Co 15th Inf 6/11/53 MIA Polk County
Bolden, George E E Co 35th Inf 11/28/50 MIA Polk County
Boody, Clem Robert

HH Co 8th Cav


Recovered Buried 12/4/2007

Buchanan County
Cahalan, Daniel Emmit A Co 38th Inf Rgt 2/12/51 POW Cerro Gordo County
Callahan, Jack Wayne L Co 35th Inf 9/7/51 MIA Johnson County
Calvin, Harvey Earl

D Co 32nd Inf



Union County
Carman, Lyle Harvey I Co 21st Inf 7/12/50 POW Cerro Gordo County
Carstensen, Robert L F Co 7th Inf 12/3/50 MIA Jones County
Cavil, John C G Co 27th Inf 11/28/50 MIA Pope
Connett, Donald C L Co 38th Inf 1/12/52 MIA Polk County
Cory, Robert R A Btry 57th Fa 12/6/50 MIA Woodbury County
Crawford, Harold E I Co 29th Inf 7/27/50 MIA Jefferson County
Creagan, Patrick H I Co 31st Inf 12/3/50 MIA Appanoose County
Cron, Eugene E Co 17th Inf 12/16/50 NBD Rockport
Diekmann, Lester Henry HQ Btry 52nd Fa 7/5/50 POW Bremer County
Erickson, Harold L M Co 35th Inf 9/7/51 KIA Story County
Fallon, Richard Lee F Co 35th Inf 7/22/50 POW Webster County
Fisher, William Hugh A Co 8th Cav Rgt 11/2/50 MIA Webster County
Ford, Kenneth Eugene C Co 32nd Inf 12/2/50 MIA Monroe County
Gibson, Hal Thomas K Co 24th Inf 11/27/50 POW Polk County
Greenfield, Larry Ory I Co 32nd Inf 12/3/50 POW Jefferson County
Hansen, Dan Harley K Co 21st Inf 7/11/50 POW Woodbury County
Hansen, Robert  Maurice C Co 9th Inf 2/6/51 POW Muscatine County
Hanson, William W A Btry 15th FA 2/13/51 POW Winnebago County
Harbour, Ronald E L Co 34th Inf 7/20/50 POW Jasper County
Heither, Gerald G B Co 27th Inf 11/29/50 MIA Davis County
Hicks, James Edward  A Co 38th Inf 11/25/50 KIA Scott County
Honea, Charles H SV Btry 38th FABN 11/30/50 POW Muscatine County
Hopper, Charles Thomas C Btry 555 FA BN 7/14/53 KIA Woodbury County
Houston, James Leslie 2nd Recon Co 2ID 2/14/51 MIA Crawford County
Hutton, Richard E E Co 31st Inf 12/9/50 MIA Polk County
Janes, Howard W M Co 23rd Inf 5/10/52 MIA Winterset
Jarnagin, JD E Co 5th Inf 4/22/51 MIA Polk County
Jensen, Paul T D Co 29th Inf 7/27/50 MIA Woodbury County
Jones, Eugene E Co 65th Inf 6/14/53 KIA Buchanan County
Kirton, Roy E SV Btry 38th FAB 11/30/50 POW Marion County
Kreider, Leighton Gale I Co 38th Inf 2/12/51 POW Floyd County
Larsen, James Maynard H Co 38th Inf 11/29/50 KIA Cass County
Lee, Willie Jr E Co 24th Inf 8/4/51 MIA Woodbury County
Lematty, Donald Gene A Btry 63rd FA 7/14/50 POW Lee County
Logue, Lloyd A A Btry 15th FA 2/13/51 MIA Cass County
Lottman, Harley J B Co 7th Cav Rgt 11/5/51 MIA Lyon County
Marshall, Jack Eugene A Co 32nd Inf 12/2/50 MIA Ringgold County
Martin, Alfred John H & S Co 2n Engr 11/3/50 POW Black Hawk County
Martin, Robert Virgil I Co 3/15th Inf 12/18/50 KIA Polk County
May, Robert Lee C Co 19th Inf 11/4/50 POW Hardin County
Mcaughan, Philip Daniel C Co 32nd Inf 12/2/50 MIA Caldwell
McDonald, Velton R F Co 32nd Inf 7/8/53 MIA Decatur County
McKenna, Richard J I Co 27th Inf 7/20/50 MIA Dubuque County
McKinstry, Richard E M Co 35th Inf 9/7/51 KIA Black Hawk County
McMullan, Patrick James C Btry 15th FA 2/13/51 POW Boone County
Mehmen, Edward Henry D Btry 82 BN SP 2/13/51 POW Floyd County
Meier, George Henry Jr L Co 35th Inf 2/13/51 POW Benton County
Mitchell, Frank R C Co 32nd Inf 11/28/50 KIA Linn County
Musick, George H Co 9th Inf 9/3/50 KIA Lucas County
Neal, Frank Allen Recon Co 25th In-Div 7/28/50 MIA Hamilton County
Nelson, Sam Jr HQ Co 2/23rd Inf 5/18/51 POW Humboldt County
Niemann, Robert C C Co 21st Inf 7/5/50 POW Bremer County
Noehren, Donald Dean HH Co 2nd Eng BN 11/30/50 POW Shelby County
Olson, Allan James D Co 38th Inf 2/12/51 POW Polk County
Petersen, Dean H M Co 35th Inf 9/7/51 MIA Clinton County
Piersee, Howard Earl D Co8th Eng Bn 9/4/50 POW Keokuk County
Price, Richard M C Co 32nd Inf 3/25/53 MIA Clinton County
Reuter, Harlan Raphael D Co 21st Inf 11/1/51 MIA Dubuque County
Rice , Jimmy M H Co 38th Inf 11/30/50 MIA Warren County
Richardson, Marlin L F Co 35th Inf 11/28/50 MIA Mills County
Robinson, Robert R B Co 38th Inf 2/12/51 POW Scott County
Rothlauf, Donald George K Co 35th Inf 11/28/50 POW Des Moines County
Rowe, Elmer A F Co 7th Cav 8/17/50 KIA Jasper County
Ryan, Clifford L B Co 70th Tnk BN 11/1/50 KIA Muscatine County
Sample, William B L Co 15th Inf 11/27/50 MIA Polk County
Sand, Hans P D Btry 82nd AAAW 12/1/50 MIA Carroll County
Satterlee, Freeman D C Co 179th Inf 5/14/52 MIA Crawford County
Schenk, Everett Dean E Co 32nd Inf 7/9/53 MIA Muscatine County
Schmidt, Duane C Med Co 32nd Inf 12/1/50 KIA Woodbury County
Schulze, Paul Eugene F Co 23rd Inf 7/17/52 MIA Guthrie County
Sharp, William Ward Jr A Co 17th Inf 7/6/53 MIA Pocahontas County
Smith, James Harold A Btry 61 Th Fa 11/26/50 KIA Winnebago County
Spitzer, Everett W Hq Co 9th Inf 12/1/50 POW Buena Vista County
St Onge, Narcisse David B Co 38th Inf 9/2/50 MIA Woodbury County
Stangl, William Eugene I Co 17th Inf 11/26/51 KIA Dubuque County
Steele, Clyde D 24 Rec Co 24 Div 7/19/50 POW Floyd County
Stiles, Earl C C Co 2nd Engr Bn 12/1/50 POW Pottawattamie County
Stump, Donald Paul G Co 23rd Inf Reg 7/22/52 KIA Dallas County
Thaller, Lyle Keith A Btry 58th FA 9/18/52 MIA Mills County
Thompson, Ronald Lee G Co 21st Inf 9/4/50 MIA Wapello County
Tjaden, Dale Marvin I Co 5th Cav 10/22/51 MIA Jones County
Tow, Frank ? Co 38th Inf 7/22/51 KIA Linn County
Unkel, Henry Joseph Jr B Co 23rd Inf 11/30/50 MIA Muscatine County
Vetter, Robert Merle E Co 9th Inf 11/29/50 MIA Muscatine County
Vickery, Roy M C Co 2nd Eng Bn 12/1/50 POW Allamakee County
Viers, Edris Arthur A Btry 555th FA 8/12/50 MIA Marion County
Walter, John G A Btry 57th FA 12/6/50 POW Dubuque County
Watters, Cecil Howard K Co 38th Inf 11/29/50 KIA Mahaska County
White, Delbert Lloyd D Co 2 Engr C BN 12/1/50 POW Wapello County
Widell, Leigh Wilbur C Btry 38th FA 11/30/50 POW Woodbury County
Wilson, David H L Co 21st Inf 7/11/50 POW Hardin County
Wood, Lyle Edward G Co 5th Cav Rgt 8/16/50 POW Hardin County

This List was prepared from information from the

Defense Prisoner of war/ Missing Personnel Office (prepared 5/23/01)